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VPS-Virtual Position System Vs GPS | Visual Positioning Service


VPS-Virtual Position System /Visual Positioning Service Vs GPS-Global Position System:-

Google has announced a new update in GPS. The new version of maps you will see in next few years. Completely look changes in VPS. You can see map in Animated mode. Some animated characters show you a way to your destination. Animated characters such as dogs, Fox.Google can tell how many animated characters are there.


visual positioning service – VPS

Virtual position system- VPS

The drawback of GPS:

1.GPS is not working Still When you are not moving.

2. At one point many roads upwards, downward left, right GPS can not show accurately.

3. The problem for elders people for map seen.


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  1. Visual representation of your way.

2. One animated character  show you  to your destination .

  1. Also see the all location in front of you by using animation such as a bank, hostels


How to Work it

  • When VPS is open then your camera is automatically open in that app.
  • You can just move mobile phone then you can see the all information about near places with Google ratings. All nearby places are in the your mobile screen.
  • One amazing feature is only set your destination address then one animated character in your mobile screen. This character shows you Your destination. You can see in the below images.
  • Virtual Position System create a virtual world Around you in a mobile phone .
  • Better than GPS.
  • Good graphically representation

Google till now working on VPS.Google can not tell how many animated character are there.

When it is release or update are made available  then all information Will be available.





The main difference between GPS Vs VPS as foollow:

GPS (Global position System ) can get you to the door. And then VPS (Virtual position System) can get you to the exact location of that  item. VPS provides pin-point location of that item.


GPS (Global Position System) :

The Global Positioning System (GPS) is originally a navigation system. GPS  is a satellite-based system.GPS  owned by the US government. It is provides geo-location and time information.


The GPS project was launched in the 1973 year by the US dept. of defense.This project fully operational in 1995 for military purpose. Also, GPS  use for a civilian in the 1980 year The GPS at right now has a  much more higher accuracy & it is pinpoint a device to within 30 CM.

After GPS VPS comes in next few year in use.

More information about GPS please click here.


How many countries have their own GPS system?

Answer: There are current 4 country right now has a their own GPS system
1)NAVSTAR GPS  – This is USA satellite.T here are 32 medium earth orbit satellites & it is operations since 1978.
2) GLONASS – This is a Russian satellite system. It was working since 1995
3) Galilio -This is  European Union GNSS satellite system .T here are a 30 MEO satellites . But  some of them are operations since 2014 . It will fully operational expected to be in  2020
4)Beidou-2  – This is China GNSS system. It has been 30 MEO satellites. But it is not fully operation right now.

Regional satellite navigation system
1) Beidou-1 – China  satellite. It has a 16 satellites. It is covering Asia pacific  area since from  December 2012

2) NAVIC -(NAVigation with Indian Constellation India satellite).It is India Regional Satellite System. It has a 7 satellites. It  covering India & some neighbors country Coming soon it will be fully operational.

3) QZSS – Japan  3 satellites system.

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